At our factory, the mango wood is dried in a two step process which enhances the wood’s stability and durability. In addition, all our products are treated to eliminate any fungal attack of the wood.

As a result of this process, the wood is able to retain its diverse hues and shades, allowing each product to exhibit colour variations unlike any other wood, from a multitude of browns and greens, to shades of yellow. Furthermore, cutting the wood in various directions reveal diverse grain textures which resemble that of mahogany, oak, teak and other type of trees.

After this, skilled craftsmen begin hand carving and working the wood, turning the raw material into fine, unique hard wood décor and art.

We at MangoWoodHome understand these materials and work closely with the artisans hand crafting these items. You can be sure that the wood used for manufacturing these vases genuinely originates from mango trees. This also means that you are assured that the wood for these vases is not sourced from any natural or endangered forest. By not using wood from such endangered environmental resources, the wholesale sale and retail purchase and use pf these vases may be said to actually contribute to the conservation of natural and endangered forestation. We are sure that also your customers will appreciate this. If you like to know more about our mango wood verification or about this subject, please contact us.

Mango wood vases, bowls and furniture is a great way to help offset carbon emissions by using a sustainable product.

Mango Trees cut into sections ready for the next stage.

Mango Wood Logs

Once the tree has been cut into sections, the bark is carefully removed. The bark shavings are then used for cooking by the local villagers.

Mango Wood Logs

Once the bark has been removed, our Skilled Artisans Shape the logs into high quality Mango Wood Products.

Each product is sanded to perfection.

Mango Wood Vases

When the products have been shaped, they are spray finished in lacquer or paint.

Once the lacquer or paint has been sprayed and dried, our skilled artisans carve ornate designs into the wood.