MangoWoodHome was established in 1987 as a small family run manufacturers and finishers of Mango Wood products, supplying a number of retail outlets. Since 2001 MangoWoodHome has expanded and has been providing wholesale Mango Wood products to a global market. We have a strong understanding of the international markets requirements for quality products at a very competitive price. MangoWoodHome has become a leading manufacturer and exporter of Mango Wood gift home decorative items from Chiang Mai, Thailand to USA and Canada (North America), U.K and Europe, Asia and Australia. We have export experienced staff on hand to answer all of your questions.

All of our products can be viewed on our website which is updated each year with a new collection and all our products are sold at factory prices. Our factory is situated approximately 30 minutes outside central Chiang Mai,Thailand . Using our experience and knowledge of the international markets, we are able to produce high quality Mango Wood gift items and decorative accessories, which fulfills the standards of our European and USA customers requirements, at the lowest prices available in the market. We manufacture for all occasions, from small retailers requiring only a few items to large wholesalers requiring thousands of items, from off the shelf designs on our website to custom designs created for a unique experience.

MangoWoodHome believe in a sustainable world using sustainable products, Mango wood trees, once cut for manufacture, are then replanted, to ensure we cause the least environmental impact. We also provide much needed employment and enable the local skills, handed down through generations, to be continued and the knowledge of one generation to be passed on to the next. Our manufacturing process covers everything from raw material, right through to the finished products.

As MangoWoodHome continues to strengthen its position as the leading Mango Wood gift exporter in South East Asia, we very much look forward to creating an active working partnership with you and providing you with our product range and excellent service, allowing you to enjoy supplying our natural products to your customers.